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I am software developer mainly developing in Java.

From time to time I am looking for new technologies and solution for different topics I hit during my work or at home. So I created some knowledge about build systems and continous integration using Jenkins on different plattforms including build support for c/c++ and cross compiling.

I feel at home on

  • Linux
  • OSX
  • Windows

and I am intersted in micro controller programming - currently espressif products (ESP32, ESP8266) - in order to realize some smart home gadgets. (observing window's/dor's or temperature, humidity or water marks on the balkony.) I came to this topic while searching a solar charging solution for my father and using it as training area. (Because I like to see more than java)

I learned some languages and currently I am still able to talk/write fluently in

  • english
  • spanish
  • german
  • portuguise.
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